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What does a school counselor do?



What Does a School Counselor Do?


  • The School Counselor is here to help students
    • Feel safe
    • Work out conflict with friends/teachers
    • Build self esteem
    • Brainstorm solutions to solve problems
    • Talk out/manage  feelings of stress, worry, or anger
    • Deal with peer pressure and bullying
    • Adjust to Junior High
    • Study skills

Please note that School Counselors do not provide therapy.  Referrals for outside counseling services are available upon request for students experiencing trauma from grief, divorce or mental health concerns.


  • The School Counselor is here to help parents
    • Discuss any concerns you may have with your child
    • Improve parent-child communication
    • Provide a referral list for community  resources
  • The School Counselor
    • Collaborates with parents, guardians, teachers, support staff, and administration
    • Maintains confidentiality of student and their families unless there is a need to know or safety concern
    • Coordinates  Community Service Projects for student body and Student Council
  • In addition the HJH School Counselor coordinates
    • 504 plans
    • English as a Second Language
    • Gifted and Talented Screening  and supports enrichment activities
    • Response to Intervention plans

How can students get in touch with the counselor?

Self-referral                            Parent Referral                       Referral by a friend(s)           

Teacher or Staff Referral       Administrative Referral